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All of the artwork on sale has been hand-picked to either celebrate or encourage awareness for the various wildlife species in an effort to create a sustainable future for them through education and inspiration.

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Curious Barn Owl Premium Puzzle

From $19.99 - $38.99

Great Horned Owl Cell Phone Case

From $21.99 - $29.99

Great Horned Owl (The Watcher) Premium Puzzle

From $24.99 - $44.99

Bear Face Cell Phone Case

From $21.99 - $29.99

Lake Tahoe California Black Bear Face Aluminum Prints

From $27.99 - $39.99

Lake Tahoe California Black Bear Face Archival Matte Poster & Hanger

From $22.99 - $30.99

Northern Nevada Wild Horses Face Mask I

From $13.99 - $14.99

Northern Nevada Wild Stallion Premium Puzzle

From $19.99 - $26.99

Stormy Mustangs Wild Horse Silhouette Mousepad



Created by Dwayne Hicks, Dwayne's World is an online store that offers high quality photos of nature and
wildlife. The images show natures true beauty. It's a place where you can escape and
marvel at the wonder and beauty of this stunning world we live in.

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